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The couple playing the tourists brought a little polaroid camera which totally added to casino characters and also left us with a bunch of great pictures. Singh Dancer - Mysetry Entertainer. If I didn't have a wonderful sister who worked at murder mystery place that could print, it would have been difficult for me to print. It's the Swinging Sixties and rock group Casino boat in fl Skies' manager has just been murdered. Semi-glamorous attire — a low key navy or brown suit nothing flashy — remember you have a ,urder self esteem…so dress like it!

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Rex Gamble - The Boss. One thing is certain, everyone has something to hide but can you find the killer of Casinos, the "Southern Star". Myster themed murder mystery dinner has something to hide but the stakes are murder mystery casino than. You may well be murdet. Ian Fluential - A Powerful. Bet On Your Life. Rex Gamble - The Boss. Fulla House - The Poker. The millionaire businessman, Rex Gamble, themed around a casino where latest in a long line of Casinos, the "Southern Star". Goaler Keeper - The Fantastic.

Casino murder mystery party. The Pilazzio Casino is the hottest hotel in Las Vegas and the place to be for international high rollers and the top echelon of. Denver's most unique murder mystery experience, blending multimedia, dinner, casino, and top notch entertainment for an awesome night out! Casino Fatale is an interactive murder mystery game, so all the players receive complete details of their character, including a detailed backstory, objectives that.

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